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There are really no words to accurately describe how grateful I am for HelpDesk and Boss Calls. The work that y'all do for us to help us all stay in compliance is absolutely priceless. Thank you for being the best HR/PR assistant I could ever have. Y'all are amazing!

Melissa B.

HelpDesk For H.R. Monthly Member$19

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Are you the company SLASH?

Does your job include responsibilities like Payroll / HR/ Office Manager/ AR/AP/ Babysitter?

Maybe you were "voluntold" into your position and were given very little training?

Would you like to have an easy way to keep up with and get quick answers to all things HR without spending hours deep diving the internet or government websites?

Ever feel overwhelmed or fed up with the constant changes to employment law or just plain scared of not knowing what you don't know?

What happens if and when you are audited? Yep, I went thru that and it was not fun! So, I understand.

That's when I realized no one can be audit-proof. So, I started to develop the Audit-Secure™ System.

This system will help you spend time on the right processes so you feel confident in your HR and Payroll Compliance.

Over the years, I have consulted with thousands of new and experienced HR pros from all across the U.S.

Using the Audit-Secure™ system, these dedicated HR professionals have been able to manage and minimize risk and increase their personal levels of confidence in their abilities to effectively perform the most sensitive of human resources functions every day.

Now, you too can learn the Audit-Secure™ System on HelpDesk for HR.

HelpDesk for HR Membership includes:

1.) Training videos designed to help you get started if you're newly assigned to HR

2.) A knowledge base with amazing searchability for a wide variety of HR topics and Laws by State

3.) 2 monthly live 90-minute webinars. We call them Boss Calls because they will help you learn to do HR Like a Boss™

4.) Custom-built apps like Employee Handbook Creator, Job Description Writer, Standard Operating Procedure Writer, The Interactive Process, Performance Evaluation Center, an assortment of special calculators, and more

5.) We also have a support group of about a thousand like-minded HR professionals

6.) And, the most popular feature (that is worth the cost alone): Unlimited email support for anything HR. Your questions will be answered by seasoned and certified HR experts with laws and links to other credible sources for you to review and make a proper decision that fits your particular situation.

Special Bonus for a limited time. Access to digital labor posters for all 50 States, DC, and Puerto Rico which includes Federal, State, and local posters with a monthly report containing all of the changes for your local area.

Of course, no information we provide is to be considered legal advice. So, we always encourage you to consult a local attorney when you need attorney/client protection.